The Capitalisn't of Elon Musk's Twitter

Episode Summary

Is the world better off now that Elon Musk owns Twitter? The $44 billion acquisition is the largest leveraged buyout of a technology company in history, and also the first time in well over a decade that the ownership of a global social media platform has changed hands. It also begs the evergreen question that this podcast explores: Is the saga an example of Capital-Is or Isn't? Bethany and Luigi debate and discuss the many different aspects of the deal: how Musk might be forced to run Twitter as a traditional business even if he initially claimed otherwise, his content moderation experiments to prevent it from becoming a "free-for-all hellscape", the effects of mass layoffs, and much more.

Episode Notes

[Show Notes: During the episode, Luigi mentions the paper of a Stigler Center Fellow. Here is a ProMarket piece describing this research in further detail:]